I was in a horrific motorcycle accident in March of 2002. I broke my left arm, ruptured my spleen, suffered deep lacerations to my left forearm and elbow. I was in a coma, had to receive a Splenectomy, 108 stitches and 47 staples. The day of the wreck, I was rolled into the hospital unconscious weighing 205 lbs. I left the hospital 30 days later battered and bruised weighing 150lbs with a long road of healing ahead of me. Since then, I have fully recuperated and strive to getting better and better everyday. I’ve been weight training for 15 yrs all together. I also played Semi Pro Football for the New York Bandits out of Bronx, NY. I’m a Natural Bodybuilder that won my SNBF Pro card in October of 2015 by placing 1st in my class as well as claiming the overall. I am a police officer, motivator, trainer, and here for you. I have years of experience in Boxing, Wrestling, Muay Thai, and MMA.
Now let me help you be your dream you!

Who I train

Im in the business of serving and protecting. Police, FireFighters, and EMS share common goals. “To do what we have to, to go home everyday.” Were running in, where that average person is running from. Were helping those in need even if it means putting our lives’ in danger. Therefore, people’s lives depend on our individual effort, heart, knowledge, and overall mindset of never accepting defeat. You should take pride in yourself, knowing that thats a huge responsibility. Training your mind as well as your body in that manner also branches out into other professions as well as overall quality of life.

Do not doom our children by pushing our bad habits on them. Every child is different. Every child has personality and specific characteristics that make them, them. As hard as Life can be and as cruel as some fellow children can be, why not remove one variable? Have a “FIT KID”. Being fit is not a fix all, but you must agree that looking your best does help you feel your best. Confidence can be build at home. Parent Reassurance can cement that confidence which in turn gives our children more of a chance and promotes a healthy self esteem. Fight child obesity, have a “FIT KID”. Let us show you the way.

Support, Motivate, and Inspire.
There is enough negativity in the world. If you’re out of shape and already have a poor self image, you don’t need be around arrogant and shallow people in the gym. A place you may feel the least comfortable should become your safe haven. Believe it or not, most hardcore gym goers love seeing people start their journey and are there to lend a helping hand. Don’t be intimidated by the gym, I’ll give you everything that you need for success. As a pro body builder, police officer, and MMA fighter, I’ll show you how to be fit, as well as confident.

Let me help you start your fitness journey today